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Wireless magnetic contact

  Pyronix has launched its latest security peripheral, the MCNANO-WE wireless magnetic contact. The Nano-sized contact delivers out-of-sight installation and offers a two-year battery life.

  Laurence Kenny, Pyronix Marketing Manager, said: “We’re really pleased to introduce such a convenient and flexible solution, that users may even forget is there.”

  Fitting inside the frame of a uPVC door, the MCNANO-WE is for any residential or small-commercial installation, the manufacturer says. The product provides a compact contact with multiple security use cases.

  Laurence said: “The contact is designed for multiple purposes, whether securing entrances and exits, or to generate a voice push notification to the user via the app should the medicine cupboard or a specific area be accessed.

  “We’re delighted to bring such a peripheral to the market, that increases not only the opportunities of our customers, but the level of interactivity and value in the security system that the user ultimately receives.”

  The makers add that the device can blend in with any property. Made almost 66pc smaller than the existing MC1MINI-WE, the new device offers the same level of security protection.




  Pyronix市场经理Laurence Kenny说:“我们真的很高兴推出这样一种方便灵活的解决方案,用户甚至可能会忘了它在那里。”


  Laurence Kenny说:“该接触器具有多种用途,无论是保护入口和出口,还是在访问药品柜或特定区域时,该产品可以通过应用程序向用户生成语音推送通知。



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